Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

Oliver Door Systems provide a wide range of Industrial Roller Shutter Doors for both commercial and domestic properties. Read on to find out more information on Industrial roller shutter door quality and detail.


Quality of Doors

Barrel assembly is constructed from high quality mild steel tube of varying diameters from 102mm up to 275mm. With a wall thickness from 3.65mm to 10mm depending on door size. Internally mild steel blocks and bearings support a suitable bright drawn mild steel shaft for perfect concentric rotation.


Details of Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

Brackets and Guides are typically constructed on a flag post arrangement for ease of installation. Brackets are fabricated from galvanised/ mild steel plate with a minimum thickness of 3mm. A steel ‘U’ cup is welded to motor side bracket to support shaft. And a safety brake unit is fitted to shaft on dummy end to prevent door free falling should chain link breakage occur.

The guides are constructed from galvanised mild steel angle not less than 3mm thick to give an adequate projection together. With a rolled guide channel section with a depth of 63mm, the shutter curtain is made of 75mm concave galvanised lath. And a galvanised ‘T’ rail bottom section with appropriate cut out to suit opening all secured with suitable end locks to prevent lateral movement. Barrel assembly can then be covered by a galvanised steel canopy.


Electrical Info’

Electrical operation in Industrial Roller Shutter Doors will be via either a pre wired 3ph 415V 0.5Kw package. Or a single phase tubular motor package both options come complete with a manual over ride facility should power failure occur. Industrial Roller Shutter Doors can be controlled by any means necessary.

Please contact ODS with your personal requirements.


Sectional Doors

Our sectional overhead doors are ideal for situations where energy conservation and protection against: the elements, extreme noise and a high level of security are a primary consideration. Examples such as: warehouses, distribution centres, garages/factories, equipment noise partitioning, and storage facilities. These doors can be manufactured to suit openings from 2m² to widths up to 8m and heights up to 7m.

Each door is manufactured to exact opening sizes and is available in push up, chain hoist and electrical operation. The standard finish is leather grain plastisol or polyester coated externally and bright white internally. These doors give a high ‘U’ value for insulation, an enhanced fire protection and can be provided partially or fully glazed. They are supplied with varying track types dependant on headroom availability.

As an option, a paint finish can be provided should you require a colour that is non standard.


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