Domestic Door Repairs

Oliver Door Systems has over 30+ years in domestic and commercial door repairs from hinged to automatic. When it comes to door maintenance we all take them for granted but it’s doors that keep us from the cold, provide protection and a safe environment for our families whilst at home and away.

In this article we’ll be looking into 3 top ways to ensure house and home safe with domestic door repairs:


1. Ensure hinges are working effectively

All too often door hinges begin to wear down after time with the weight of the door pivoting entirely on this point. A rule of thumb is to ensure all hinges are fitted correctly with the correct manufacturers fittings and materials.


2. Check that your door seals fully

There are 2 types of closure and seal that you’re looking for here. Number one, check that the door is fitted properly. This will not only provide better security but it will ensure draft is kept out! Number two, ensure the correct locks are fitted, multiple barrels are best to ensure a tight lock.


3. Repair wear and tear damages

It may sound silly, but all to often our customers have left their doors for many years without due repair meaning that dents, scrapes, broken locks, and seals are worn down leaving your door unsecure and not safe! Don’t leave it to chance.



In summary, making a few obvious checks every month will not only make sure you door is in working or but it will ensure your home security and safety is in check. I hope you’ve enjoy this read, I’ll be back soon to demonstrate or door related articles next month – Luke, ODS Team.